Director's Desk

Technical and Keynote Talks (June 2017 to May 2019) by Dr. Dhiren Patel, Director VJTI Mumbai, India

1. Partnering in Collaborative Research and Education in Technologies for Global Good, IMT Atlantique, Brest, France, May 2019

2. Networked Centre of Excellence for Blockchain Technology, University of Padova, Italy, May 2019

3.  Blockchain: Beyond Crypto currencies, Keynote talk, International conference on Blockchain Technology (IC-BCT 2019), Mumbai, March 2019

4. Future of Technology – Challenges and Opportunities, SAP IBSO Global ATO offsite, Mumbai, March 2019

5.  Blockchain for Golbal Good, Keynote talk, International Workshop – Blockchain for Global Good, Mumbai, March 2019

6. Connectivity and Sustainable Mobility for Inclusive Cities, Talk at Indo-French Future Tour, Chennai, January 2019

7.  Inclusive Development of Future Cities, Plenary talk@ International Conference on Technologies for Future Cities, Mumbai, January 2019

8.  Blockchain: Challenges, Opportunities and India Preparedness, Panel Discussion Talk, Global Blockchain Congress, Kolkata, December 2018

9.  BCT and DLT beyond Crypto currencies, Technical talk, WireSummit2018, New Delhi, December 2018

10. Periodic Table: A masterpiece, Introductory Talk at Seminar on Mendeleev’s publication 150 yrs celebration, Mumbai University, October 2018

11. Blockchain – Hype, Challenges and Opportunities, Technical tutorial talk, Blockchain Workshop, NIT Surat, October 2018

12. Blockchain: Scalability and Sustainability - Challenges or Opportunities?, Technical Talk, Blockchian Workshop, Seol, South Korea, September 2018

13. Different Blockchains, Lecture recording of Blockchain and DLT courseware, HAW Hamburg, Germany, July 2018

14. Cryptography for BCT, Lecture recording of Blockchain and DLT courseware, HAW Hamburg, Germany, July 2018

15. AIML and Blockchain, Technical talk, TCS Santa Clara, USA, June 2018

16. Blockchain and Security, Technical talk, City University London, UK, May 2018

17. AI and Blockchain for Social Good, Technical talk, NIT Goa, May 2018

18. AI and ICT for Global Good, Key note talk, BRICS meeting, Pune, April 2018

19. Personalized Learning, Technical talk and Panel discussion, TCS Sangam, Kolkata, November 2017

20. Blockchain and DLT: India efforts, ISO TC 307 meeting 02, Tokyo, Japan, November 2017

21. Frontiers in Hadron High Energy Physics, Introductory talk, Light Cone Conference 2017, Mumbai University, September 2017

22. Self-Driven Driverless Autonomous Cars, Keynote talk International Conference ICANI 2017, NIT Goa, June 2017
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