PEO’s & PO

 Program Specific Outcomes

  • Analyze, Design, Test and Implement components, processes and solutions for specific application development using appropriate data modeling concepts and document the same.
  • Adapt and use appropriate modern software tools, resources and techniques to solve real world problems within the framework of constraints.
  • Apply concepts of networking and security to build and manage infrastructure to be utilized for efficient communication.

 The MCA Department was established in October 1984 to fulfill the growing needs of computer professionals in the field of Information Technology.

MCA at VJTI was the first computer course under University of Mumbai, Maharashtra in collaboration with Department of Electronics. The Department attracts all the meritorious students of MCA entrance examination conducted across the state. The main emphasis of this program is to impart knowledge and training in computer science, software technology and management. The courses of MCA department are designed to train and educate students as per the requirements of the software industry & research organizations.

The Department is located in southern wing of the third floor and is supported by well equiped Computer laboratory.

Computer laboratories are equiped with Server,latest machines,software and are networked with client machines.