Sr. No. Designation Name
1 Director Dr. Dhiren R. Patel
2 Deputy Director & Registrar (I/c) Dr. S. G. Bhirud
3 Dean Academic Programmes & Chief Rector Dr. K. K. Sangle
4 Dean Administration Dr. S. P. Borkar
5 Dean Students & Alumni Dr. R. D. Daruwala
6 Dean Research Development and Consultancy Dr. F. S. Kazi
7 Dean Infrastructure Maintenance Dr. A. N. Bambole
8 Dean Diploma Programmes Dr. S. K. Bhill
9 Faculty Incharge Finance Dr. R. N. Awale
10 Faculty Incharge Library & Rector Boys Hostel Dr. V. B. Suryawanshi
11 Faculty Incharge IT Infrastructure and website Mr. V. D. Dhore
12 Training and Placement Officer Dr. N. P. Gulhane
12 Controller of Examination Degree Dr. P. M. Karande
13 Controller of Examination Diploma Dr. D. P. Kakad
14 Head Mathematics, Physics, Humanities & Management Dr. M. S. Panse
15 Head Electrical, Electronics, EXTC Dept Dr. F. S. Kazi
16 Head Civil & Environmental Engg Dept Dr. P. P. Bhave
17 Head Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engg Dept Dr. S. Parmeshwaran
18 Head Mechanical Engg Dept Dr. R. M. Tayade
19 Head MCA Dept Dr. A. A. Pandit
20 Head Computer & Information Technology Dept Dr. M. R. Shirole
21 Head Structural Engg Dept Dr. A. N. Bambhole
22 Head Production Engg Dept Dr. M. R. Nagare
23 Head Textile Manufactures Dept Dr. A. L. Bhongade
24 Section In-charge (Diploma) Mechanical Engineering Mr. S. D. Rote
25 Section In-charge (Diploma) Civil Engineering Mrs. S.A. Sagole
26 Section In-charge (Diploma) Electrical Engineering Mrs. S. R. Yadwad
27 Section In-charge (Diploma) Electronics Engineering Mr. R. R. Ingale
28 Section In-charge (Diploma) Textile Manufactures Mr. P. N. Deshmukh
29 Section In-charge (Diploma) Chemical Engineering Dr. N. N. Wankhede