Director’s message (Covid lockdown and onboarding Coursera – March 2020)

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, Partners, Friends and Well-wishers,

In accordance with COVID-19 health measures recommended by Government authorities, VJTI Mumbai has moved into ‘work-from home’ and ‘self-study’ mode starting 17th March 2020 for some time until further information. VJTI faculty members can be reached via email, phone and other digital means.

Notwithstanding these inevitable measures, we will continue and move forward in a positive direction. VJTI is registered as ‘impacted institute’ with Coursera for Campus program under which we have free online access to 3800 courses till 31 July 2020. Students and Faculty are encouraged to use this facility and opportunity. Let us dive into globally renowned self-paced courses from top universities! I am sure; this will minimize the impact of the coronavirus on your education.

This challenge faced by humanity has thrown up unforeseen constraints. To limit contagion, adjust to work from home and fulfil requisite academic benchmarks of VJTI degree and repute.

Dr. Dhiren Patel (24 March 2020)