VJTI Alumni

VJTI when founded in 1887 was initially hosted in the old Elphinstone college building at Byculla with 2 departments as the ‘Ripon Textile School’ and ‘Sir J.J. School of Mechanical Engineering’. The Institute was born out of an urgent need to create a new cadre of technical personnel who would reduce dependence on foreign technical personnel.

Degree courses in VJTI began in 1946 and Post graduate courses in 1952. The Institute boasts of having provided the industrial, research, managerial and academic world with skilled technical manpower that are comparable with the best in India and the world. VJTI graduates have left an indelible mark on the industrial, economic and political scenario with their technical and managerial prowess, vision and commitment. Many current top level technocrats, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and managers have been trained in this institute.

The VJTI Alumni association was formed on 10th March 1944 and was called ‘The Old Boys’ Association’. It was later rechristened as ‘VJTI Alumni Association’. The association endeavours to establish contact between the past and present students of the institute and the staff. It strives to create an everlasting bond between the institute and the alumni by inviting them to participate in various activities of the institute like curriculum development, undertaking of joint research and consultancy projects, development of centres of excellence in emerging areas of technology, student mentoring, guest lectures, laboratory and infrastructure development. The Alumni association has its own office within the institute premises where all information relating to the alumni will be made available.

The Alumni meet generally held in the institute in the second half of December or the first half of January. All alumni are invited to visit the campus and take a walk down memory lane and relive the times spent on the campus. This event would be a special one for the batch who celebrate 25 years of passing out from the institute.

The VJTI Alumni Association has been helping the alma mater in modernizing laboratories, classrooms, the auditorium, the cafeteria, wash rooms, and the hostel infrastructure as well as providing scholarships and funding support to students.

Alumni website managed by VJTI AA India: “http://www.vjtialumni.com
International Alumni website managed by VJTI International AA USA : “https://www.vjtiintlalumni.org

VJTI International Alumni Association (501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA) is formed and being launched formally in the 3rd quarter of 2020 with the following noble initiatives:

  1. Enhance, nurture and establish active recruitment collaboration of your company with VJTI. Strive for industry sponsored projects with VJTI involving our bright students in cutting edge best practices that can lead to better employment and disruptive start-ups.
  2. Sponsor Competition/Scholarship awards (e.g. Publication award to student scholars/faculty who publish a paper in coveted journals/conferences, scholarships to top rankers, Scholarships to the economically disadvantaged, etc.) 
  3. Create incentive funds for VJTI faculty who serve as chair professor/researchers, bring sponsored research projects to VJTI, and engage in innovative research leading to IPR and patents. Additionally, incentives can be awarded to faculty members from reputed institutions such as IIT Bombay who come to VJTI to teach a course module. 
  4. Build a portfolio of named funds (e.g. Modern test-beds on niche technologies at various departments of VJTI)
  5. Provide additional support funds (e.g. Travel award to students/faculty to attend conference/internship abroad, Accommodation/food support to needy students, Conference organization support to VJTI, Distinguished lecture organizing support for external distinguished speakers, Support for marquee events like Technovanza and Enthusia.

Our Distinguished Alumni (TBA)