Student Organizations


Enthusia is VJTI’s annual sports festival, generally held in the month of December. It is a platform for students of VJTI as well as other colleges to showcase their talent in the field of sports. Enthusia has inter-college as well as intra-college events in a variety of sports. Enthusia provides the students with the much-needed physical activity amidst their busy academic schedule. We, at VJTI, are fortunate to have a basketball court, cricket ground, football ground, and a indoor and outdoor Gymnasium.


Technovanza is the annual technical festival of VJTI. It is a platform for the students to showcase their talents and shine by harnessing their strengths, technical abilities and vast knowledge. Technovanza is to educate people about the principles of Engineering and thus spreading the knowledge of Engineering and Technology to the society at large. Due to inundating creativity and thirst for innovation of our students and with the constant guidance of our unparalleled faculty. Keeping in mind our core values of working as a team with integrity and professionalism and the ultimate aim of “Taking Technology to the Society”, Technovanza has grown to become one of the most popular and awaited techno management events in the country; reaching out to students, industry and the society in general.


Pratibimb is the national level cultural festival of VJTI. Pratibimb is Reflection. Reflection of pulsating energy, infectious enthusiasm, heart-warming fellowship, winning attitudes, crazy moments and wonderful times!! It continues to provide an attractive platform for showcasing fresh talent that college-students have within them. Pratibimb is made out of the innovative, fresh & ever buzzing minds of students of VJTI who not only invest their time into the festival but also their energy. The whole process of building this festival helps students build their confidence, managerial skills & also showcase their versatility. Spanning the three fun-filled days of the festival, there are contests and workshops encompassing everything from art to song and dance. For those who like an intellectual challenge, there is a range of events to test your skills in the literary arts and manageria.


Preserving the Marathi culture and adapting to the modernization, Rangawardhan has carved a special niche for itself in everyone’s heart. Culture is the heart and soul of human life and hence preserving it is our utmost duty. Rangawardhan has asserted the prominence of Marathi in art, literature and many such fields. While showcasing the Marathi culture through various competitions and being blessed by the presence of eminent personalities. Rangawardhan is a prominent medium for showcasing our rich culture through drama, dance, literature, art etc. by implementing innovative ideas every year.


The Entrepreneurship cell, VJTI plays a pivotal role in promoting entrepreneurship amongst students. It is an organisation created by and for the students to help transform innovative ideas into path-breaking establishments. It provides young innovators with mentors, funds, helps establish a healthy network, exposure and most importantly motivates and encourages young talent.


The Debate & Literary Activities Society, better known as DLA, is a student organization under the Humanities & Management Department. They organize regular seminars and lectures on Economics, Literature, Creative Writing, etc. The DLA is the only non-technical society in college. They organize quizzes, debates and MUNs. The DLA is also in charge of VJ News – the official newsletter of VJTI.

Fine Arts

“Art is Not What You See, But What You Make Others See!” With this same belief, Fine Arts provide a huge platform to Art Enthusiasts of VJTI. This independent society is free to join and provides the required environment to nurture the artist
in oneself in VJTI. This society helps maintain the scenic beauty of the college and painting the canteen wall.


Ganeshotsava is prominent festival of VJTI Hostels. Every year hostellites celebrate Ganesha-Chaturthi in college campus. Main aim of the festival is to increase interaction between the first years and their seniors. Hostel life is all about bonding and interactions with each other, and Ganeshotasava plays an important role in building this.


Vishwa is the Astronomy and Space Sciences Club of VJTI. Opening new doors to building a solid community of astronautics enthusiasts, Vishwa encourages students to explore and cultivate their interest in astronomy and space technology. “To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit.” This perspective, the club’s essence at heart, makes it a platform for students to learn and develop technical skills through projects. Encouraging a competitive spirit and education, Vishwa provides the opportunity to participate in international rover-building competitions like the International Rover Challenge (IRC), University Rover Challenge (URC) and International Rover Design Challenge (IRDC). With the vision of launching VJTI’s first student satellite in space, students have the chance to experience design-build-launch competitions like the annual canister satellite “CanSat” competition organized by the American Astronautical Society. Vishwa aims to educate students regarding the current space race and build a community conducive to the students’ development.