Rules and customs for navigating within the Library and the Institute.
How to know what’s going on. See: Student announcements

Still in doubt , check at the concerned counters.

Library: This is the resource for Students / Faculty / Staff
— this is where you first come for information and research.

Quiet place to sit:
The library is one of the favorite quiet places to sit / study and read.

Food, drinks: Canteen / Cafeteria
First things first. The canteen / cafeteria is on the ground floor near the quadrangle.

Timings: 9.00 am to 5.30 pm (Pl. check for exact time)
Offers tea / coffee, snacks, sandwiches, Lunch etc. (At a cost)

Cell phones:
Cell phones today are a critical piece of staying in touch any where any time.
Use be restricted to academic purposes or emergency .
Either turn them off or set them to silent mode.
Take any conversations — phone or in person — outside the Library.
(Stand on the right, walk on the left and make everybody happy)
(Library is manned on Self-Discipline and Trust)



Consult the Library’s Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s ) before navigating.
The library is a place for Individual Study. Readers are requested to cooperate and keep the LIBRARY a QUIET AND PEACEFUL place. SILENCE is essential.
While you will be expected to buy some of your own course materials, VJTI provides a range of specialist resources to support your studies and enhance your learning experience.
The VJTI Library is the key resource for the information that you will need during your studies. Library staff are ready to help and advise you from the day you arrive to the day you come to write your project and dissertation work and prepare for your future career.Easy to find, in the centre of the campus, opposite the canteen, on the first floor, the Library is a quite and comfortable place to study. It is currently open into the early evening and at weekends during the term time.

Additional support can be arranged for students with disabilities and / or specific learning difficulties. If you have any individual requirements or suggestions, a member of the Library staff will be happy to discuss them with you.

Our aim is that you enjoy your subject, gain experience in different ways of thinking and working, and leave with the knowledge and skills to take control of your future.


The Library consists of 2 Levels.

The following is a brief description to the services and collections of each of the levels.
For detailed information and floor plan, please take a tour of the Library.


Policies on admittance, borrowing, hours, and services vary. Contact the librarian for details.
VJTI Library Resources serve as an important research tool for VJTI’s current students, faculty, staff, and researchers who hold current VJTI ID CARD
Services change depending on staff levels. It is best to check.
Important notices and announcement are always displayed, highlighted / marked / written in RED.

Please read them carefully even if you are in a hurry.


In the READING HALL some text / reference books are kept for your reference / reading against your current VJTI ID.

You may take your own books only in this part of the Library.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

  1. Who can use VJTI Library ?
    VJTI Library serves the current faculty, students, staff and researchers who hold valid VJTI ID Card. Policies on admittance and borrowing hours and services vary depending on staff levels
  2. Is the VJTI Library open to the public?
    Borrowing privileges, which vary, are generally limited to current members of VJTI.
    The library provides access to its reading rooms and stacks to students, faculty, and researchers of other universities, colleges, and research centers who present a letter / current institutional ID and register at the Circulation Desk.
  3. Who can use online resources available through the VJTI web site?
    VJTI is contractually obligated to limit access to most VJTI Library e-resources to current VJTI students, faculty, staff, and researchers who hold current VJTI ID.
  4. I am a VJTI alumni. Can I use the VJTI Library?
    These privileges will vary according to your degree or affiliation. Alumnae and alumni of VJTI generally can obtain specific library privileges. The nature and the basis of these privileges will vary according to your degree or affiliation.


  • In the REFERENCE SECTION some text / reference books are kept for your reference against your VJTI ID Card
  • You may take your own books only in this part of the Library
  • Check the correct due date, because you will be fined according to this date.
  • The fine rates vary for diverse resources and situation.
    1. Your previous records if any have to be clear. In the beginning of the academic year, books are loaned to you for the full year, that is both the semesters.
    2. Look out for the detailed notices on the VJTI site / Library Notice Board ( July / August )
    1. Is given of what is required, and what is in the Library, in keeping with the copy right laws, and the possibility of Photocopying the required material.
    2. The charge is 50p. per page of photocopy. Payment is to be made in the accounts section before 2.00 P.M
    3. The Photocopy material will be given to you as soon as it is ready depending on the load at the time.
    4. You must come and ask for it after allowing at least four hours, to get the work done. Preferably come on the following day.
    1. If you find that a book is not available, you can place a CLAIM.
    2. Claimed Books are issued only after 3 P.M and the fine is more.
    3. You have to enquire and see whether your demand has materialized, preferably between 3 P.M to 4.30 P.M. The book will be kept for you for two days after which . your claim is forfeited.
    1. In case you lose or damage a book, please report at the counter immediately. Take the instructions for replacement of the book from the Librarian.
    2. Check the condition of all the material / s before issue, you will be held responsible for damage.
    3. Library resources must be handled with care. As a responsible member, please help us to maintain the library material in good condition.
    4. All library material must first be issued from the issue counter before it is used.
    5. Please collect your ID Card before leaving the Library.
    6. Library material issued for current reading against the ID Card, is not to be taken out of the Library.
    1. The library will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your property.
    2. For security purposes, all users’ bags, briefcases, portfolios, backpacks, and purses, may be inspected as users exit the library. We appreciate your cooperation.
    3. Please note that it is the Institute policy for door checkers to impound your ID if it has expired or if someone other than the ID holder attempts to use it to enter the library.
    4. The Librarian may temporarily suspend or permanently withdraw membership if a member is found disobeying the rules and regulations of the Library.
    5. In case of need, do not hesitate to approach the library staff who are here to help you. But when you need help, avoid the rush periods, preferably come after 2.30 PM or between 11 AM-12 Noon.

As you will agree:
“Engineering is the profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences, gained by study, experience and practice, is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize economically the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind.

The engineer, like the scientist should have the ability to acquire and subsequently apply information. It is necessary for him to be aware of current progress in his own field.