Principals and Directors of VJTI Mumbai

Principals and Directors of VJTI Mumbai

NameIn Office
J. P. Phythian1888 to 1896
Hugh Monie1896 to 1905
John Mackenzie1905 to 1907
T. S. Dawson1907 to 1920
T. J. Turner1920 to 1931
G. W. Burley1931 to 1940
P. N. Joshi1940 to 1956
B. Sengupto1956 to 1959
R. K. Mody1959 to 1974
G. G. Kalthod1974 to 1982
V. N. Gupchup1982 to 1992
B. S. Bhat1992 to 1994
S. G. Vinzanekar1994 to 1995
V. N. Gupchup1995 to 1997
S. G. Vinzanekar1997 to 1999
S. Sundaram1999 to 2000
S. D. Varwandakar2000 to 2004
Medha Dixit (Director)2004 to 2005
B. K. Lande (Director)Dec. 2005
K. G. Narayankhedkar (Director)2005 to 2011
M. C. Deo (Director)2011 to 2012
O. G. Kakde (Director)2012 to 2017
Dhiren R. Patel (Director)2017 to 2022
Sunil G. Bhirud (I/C)2022 to 2023
Sachin D. Kore (Director)June 2023

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