National Cadet Corps(NCC)

National Cadet Corps(NCC)


 NCC at VJTI serves as a transformative platform, nurturing cadets into responsible and conscientious citizens, offering each individual the chance to contribute meaningfully to society and the nation at large.

Shaping Future Leaders

The 5 MAH EME COY Unit (5 Maharashtra Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Company), National Cadet Corps at VJTI stands as the youthful arm of the Indian Armed Forces, established on June 25, 1965. Upholding the motto of "Unity and Discipline," NCC is dedicated to shaping the youth of the nation into disciplined and patriotic individuals. Cadets undergo fundamental military training encompassing small arms handling and parades. NCC endeavors to foster traits like character, camaraderie, discipline, a broad-minded perspective, adventurous spirit, and the ethos of selfless service among the youth. Its broader objective is to cultivate a cadre of organized, trained, and motivated young leaders from diverse backgrounds, committed to national service irrespective of their chosen careers.

The NCC Motto, "UNITY AND DISCIPLINE," was adopted during the 12th Central Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting convened on October 12, 1980.

VJTI's Diverse Activities

A rich array of activities unfold at VJTI, providing students with invaluable exposure and opportunities for personal growth. Events such as the Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC), Army Attachment Camp (AAC), Thal Sainik Camp (TSC), Republic Day Camp (RDC), All India Trek, Rock Climbing Camp, Hiking and Trekking Camps, as well as Leadership Camps, instill essential values of discipline, comradeship, leadership, and enthusiasm. These engagements, conducted year-round under the guidance of Commanding Officers, contribute significantly to the holistic development of cadets.

Event Calendar

NCC Officers

Sr. No. Name Designation Email Contact No.
1 Lt. Col. Dhruv Saraswat Commanding Officer 5EMEMAH@GMAIL.COM 022-24186171
2 Lt. Prof. Shrinivas Khedkar ANO ANO@VJTI.AC.IN 9075362323

Advantages of NCC

Empowering Youth Through Benefits

Preference is given to B & C certificate holders in Defence Services, Police services, Paramilitary forces, Fire forces, BSF, Territorial Army, Industrial Security Forces, Public Sectors, and all uniform services.

One of the benefits of joining NCC includes receiving basic military training. It develops the students’ interest in three forces – Air force, Army, and Navy. NCC Cadets have reservation in many Government jobs.

Sahara India and many other top industries pick up NCC Cadets possessing ‘C’ certificates for various jobs in their companies.

NCC Cadet Ranks

Sr. No. Name Designation Email Contact No.
1 Arjun Singh Rajput SUO 9797670271
2 Dhairy Atul Bagave JUO 9049481874
3 Prateek Kumar JUO 7384226493
4 Tanvi Yadav JUO 9579972553
5 Vitthal Ambadas Kale CSM 8104559751
6 Shron Suhas Bhaskar CQMS 9321582155
7 Hitesh Sanjay Patil SGT 9326222621
8 Rutuja Mahesh Mathkar SGT 7588113204
9 Shravani Zodape SGT 7887448022
10 Arnav Gupta L/CPL 8082226594

Enrollment Eligibility Criteria


Must be currently enrolled in the First or Second Year of B.Tech.


Must be currently enrolled in the First Year of Diploma


Vision 6/6 Required for NCC Enrollment


Male applicants must have a minimum height of 157.5 cm.


Female applicants must have a minimum height of 152 cm.

Waist size

Maximum Waist Size of 29 Inches


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Testimony of Meritorious Cadets

The NCC has produced many brave armed forces personnel, with hundreds of students passing the 'C' certificate exams.

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